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I am an assistant professor at the University of Kansas. I am in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, and I am an assistant curator at the Biodiversity Institute and the head of the Division of Ichthyology.

My research focuses on the evolutionary biology of fishes. I am interested in the large-scale phenomena that have shaped the history and diversification of fishes in both geographic space and geologic time. I use a combination of phylogenetic or "family" trees and detailed anatomical and genomic analyses to understand the evolution and diversification of fishes.

If you are interested in opportunities in working on the evolution of fishes at the University of Kansas, I encourage you to contact me directly.

Ongoing projects in my laboratory include:

  • The higher-level relationships of spiny-rayed fishes
  • The interplay of diversification and character evolution
  • The evolution of venom and venom genomes
  • Bioluminescence, biofluorescence, and character evolution in the deep-sea
  • The biogeography of Madagascar and Gondwana

I am currently working on or recently worked on a number of projects with funding from the University of Kansas, The Institute of Library and Museum Services, and The National Science Foundation.